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What are the production processes of Phillips Wood Screws


Phillips Wood Screws are inseparable from heavy machinery and small tools. It has such a wide range of uses, so do you know how its production process is? Let’s analyze its general production process:

1. The stainless steel screw wire is coiled. This is for the convenience of production. The material, specification, weight, quantity and other important information of the wire should be marked when coiling.
2. Annealing, this step can eliminate the internal stress of the wire, thereby increasing the material's segmental manufacturing performance, and better processing screws.
3. Carry out pickling. The purpose of this step is to lubricate the surface of the wire while removing the oxide film to facilitate the next step.
4. To draw the wire, this step is to draw the wire to the size of the stainless steel screw to be produced.
5. Heading and rolling. The so-called heading refers to punching the head of the screw to shape it.
6. Then rub the teeth of the Phillips Wood Screws that have been pierced.
7. Heat treatment. Through heat treatment, the strength and hardness of the screw can be improved.
8. Some customers have requirements for the surface of the screws. In order to increase the smoothness and anti-rust ability of the screws, the screws need to be electroplated.
After the screw production is completed, quality inspection is required. After the quality inspection is qualified, it will be packaged according to the user's needs and sold out of the factory.

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