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Screws are probably the most versatile and well used fasteners


One of the oldest methods of fastening things together is the simple screw. Its sheer simplicity is the reason for its success, with it being used in its millions every day Worldwide.

Its uses vary tremendously from stainless steel precision machine screws that have hexagonal fixings in the top of them, enabling them to be used as hi-torque fastenings in the aircraft industry, whereby a screw thread fastening maybe needed for speed of access, yet it needs to be able to be fastened very tightly to put up with the rigors and vibration of a flight.

These types of fixings are at the premium end of the market and may even be required to be shipped with stress test paperwork to ensure that they are certified for use in aircraft.

Other common uses of screws are dry lining screws that are widely used in the building industry in North America and Europe, with different dry lining screws being available for use in different applications such as wood or brick. These dry lining screws can either come as a normal box of screws, or more often they come as collated screws on a plastic belt for use with a collated electric screwdriver that allows the dry lining screws to be put in very quickly with just one hand.

Probably the widest use of screws though is the humble wood screw, which comes in a massive range of types and sizes, and in varying materials from brass, to stainless steel, depending on the application they are needed for.

Large wood screws can be used to hold wooden roof trusses together, or for building stud walls in houses.

Wood Screws come in two varieties, self tapping screws and non-self tapping screws. A self tapping screw does exactly what it says and needs no pilot hole drilling in the wood prior to inserting the screw. Where as a normal screw will need a pilot hole of a smaller diameter drilling in the wood first before the screw can be inserted.

It is always important to ensure that you choose the right screw for the job, particularly in load bearing situations. The choice of material can be important as an example a brass screw can easily shear in two when being screwed into hard wood, and a plain steel screw will rust within days if used in an application outside, rusting so much so that it cannot be undone within just a few months.

Screws are probably the most versatile and well used fasteners in use today.


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