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Application places of different rivets


There are many types of rivets, and different materials have different classifications according to different industries.
Commonly used rivets: semi-round head, flat head, semi-tubular rivet, solid rivet, countersunk rivet, blind rivet, hollow rivet;
Special rivets: insert rivets;
Semi-round head rivets are mainly used for riveting occasions with larger lateral loads, and are the most widely used;
Semi-hollow rivets are mainly used for riveting occasions with low load;
Solid rivets use their own deformation or interference to connect the parts to be riveted;
Countersunk rivets are mainly used for riveting occasions where the surface must be smooth and the load is not large;
Blind rivets are a type of rivets used for single-sided riveting, but special tools-riveting guns must be used;
Hollow rivets are light in weight and weak in nail heads, and are used for riveting non-metallic materials with low load;
Special rivets: it is special to insert rivets. It is divided into two parts. The thicker section with a cap has a hole in the center, and the other section with a cap is an interference fit. When riveting, drive the thin rod into the thick rod.
How to solve the problem of rivet cracking
Pull rivets generally rarely have cracking problems.
Semi-hollow or solid rivets crack when riveted,
There are generally several questions:
1: Material problem, rivets should choose special rivet wire.
2: Concentricity problem in the half-hollow area, and the half-hollow area will crack if it is not centered or eccentric.
3: The rivet head shear is very uneven.
4: The punch is not aligned with the center of the rivet.

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