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What is the selection principle of screw fasteners


Fasteners are mechanical basic parts and are in great demand. Usually bolts, screws, rivets, etc. are used to ensure safety or generally do not need to consider the influence of temperature in harsh environments or other dangerous working conditions. Commonly used materials are carbon steel, low alloy steel and non-ferrous metals. However, on certain occasions, fastener materials need to meet the requirements of severe erosion or high strength, and many stainless steels and ultra-high strength stainless steels have emerged. Most stainless steel materials can be made into steel wires or bars for fastener production, including austenitic stainless steel, ferritic stainless steel, martensitic stainless steel, and precipitation hardening stainless steel.
The principle of selection of stainless steel screw fasteners:
The choice of stainless steel materials is mainly considered from the following five aspects.
A The requirements for fastener materials in terms of mechanical function, especially strength.
B The requirements for the anti-corrosion function of the material under the working conditions.
C The production process faces the requirements of material processing functions.
D The working temperature requires the material's heat resistance function (high temperature strength, oxidation resistance).
E Other aspects, such as weight, price, and purchasing factors must be considered.
Unless otherwise agreed between the supplier and the demander, the chemical composition should be within the range specified by the steel group and be selected by the manufacturer. Where there is a tendency for intergranular corrosion, it is recommended to perform the test in accordance with ISO3651-1 or ISO3651-2. In this case, it is recommended to use stable A3 and A5, or use A2 and A4 stainless steel with a carbon content of not more than 0.03%.
    The characteristics of stainless steel screws are corrosion-resistant, beautiful, and sanitary, but their strength and hardness are equivalent to carbon steel (grade 6.8) under normal conditions. Therefore, stainless steel products should not be hit, knocked, and the surface finish and precision should be maintained. Just like steel products, apply force randomly, and do not apply too much force. At the same time, because of the good ductility of stainless steel, steel chips are easy to stick to the nut teeth level during use, increase friction force, and easily lead to lockup. Use carbon steel Even if iron filings are produced, they will fall, and it is not easy to lock up compared to stainless steel.

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