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Choose suitable screw products according to actual production needs


There are many types of screws, and the materials used to manufacture screws are also varied. When choosing screws, you need to choose suitable screw products according to your actual production needs.
a The so-called steel screws are divided into many types, mainly determined by their ingredients. Steel screws can be divided into stainless steel screws and alloy steel screws (which will rust). Alloy steel screws can lock tighter than stainless steel screws. Compared with aluminum screws and titanium screws, steel screws can lock objects more tightly.
b Common problems with aluminum screws: unable to withstand a large amount of lateral force and will easily break.
Common problems with titanium screws: The screws are almost destroyed, but the locked object will still slide, and there will be a bia bia sound.
On bicycles, there are three common types of steel, aluminum alloy, and titanium alloy. At present, bicycle manufacturers have begun to adopt carbon fiber screws.
Common screw material
1. SS-302: Stainless Steel 302: better structural toughness
2. SS-304: Stainless Steel 304 and 316 are all stainless steel
3. Low Carbon Steel: Carbon steel Carbon steel is divided into low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, high carbon steel and alloy steel.
4. Brass: Brass
5. Bronze: Bronze
6. UNS C11000 Copper: Antimony copper
7. Aluminum 5052: Aluminum alloy 5052
Don't underestimate the small screw, it occupies an important position in our life and production, have you noticed the thread on the screw? Threads can be divided into orthodontic and reversed teeth.
Right thread, left thread (also called clockwise/counterclockwise, orthodontic/reverse, clockwise/counterclockwise).
Turn clockwise, it is right thread, otherwise it is left thread. Face the side of the thread toward you. If the thread direction is right-handed, it is orthodontic. If it is left-handed, it is a reverse tooth.


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