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The real reason for screw sliding


The real reason for screw sliding

In all walks of life, we always come into contact with screw fasteners from time to time, but as time goes by, screw fasteners may show slippery teeth, and sometimes they cannot be opened even with a wrench. So why does the phenomenon of slipping teeth occur? What should I do with slippery teeth? From the work experience of screw manufacturers, the reasons for slipping teeth may be the following reasons:

1. The length of the screw is not enough to bear the corresponding torque.
2. The strength and hardness of the screws are not enough (possible quality reasons such as materials and processes) can not bear the corresponding torque.
3. The screw tightening force exceeds the standard load of the screw, causing slippage.
4. Threaded holes or threaded teeth are not standard, and they are not tightly connected to each other.
5. The screw itself has more than just regulations, and it will also cause the consequences of sliding teeth.
6. The outer diameter of the teeth is too small. If the normal machine uses normal threads, the small outer diameter of the teeth will definitely slip the teeth.

How to remove it after slipping teeth? The tips learned from stainless steel screw manufacturers are shared below. There is a simple method: put a small rubber block on the screw of the sliding wire, and then tighten it. The principle of the rubber pad is mainly to increase or decrease the friction at the sliding wire. Note that there is no need to use too large rubber blocks. If they are too large, they may be twisted together. It is recommended to use small ones. You can unscrew the sliding screw or screw it back! I hope everyone has to help!

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