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Structural design and principle of special combination screws


Release date: 2012-04-05 The tail of the ordinary bolt is changed into a smooth tubular structure called special combination bolt. The special combination bolt is pre-buried according to the installation requirements, and then the connected parts are attached to the special combination bolt, and the hemisphere head is special. The nut is mounted on the special combination bolt and tightened. After the joint is pressed, the smooth round tube of the special combination bolt is squeezed by the tip of the hemisphere head and the outer diameter of the disc is larger than the disc hole below the tip of the inner cone. Squeeze and expand the riveting, so that the three can be firmly combined to effectively prevent loosening and theft of the connected parts.The wood screw material is mainly made of ordinary carbon turbulent structural steel, and also copper and steel alloy.
Quality requirements for wood screw materials
The wooden anti-theft screw material is the main factor that constitutes the product. Therefore, when selecting materials, the amount of deformation of the material processing and the performance of the product processing should be considered.
The wood screw production material is mainly cold forged low carbon steel, which is made of hot rolled wire material, processed by heat treatment, pickling, drawing and other processes. The quality of the wire is the necessary condition to ensure the quality of the process material, so the quality of the wire plays a decisive role in the quality of the process material.


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