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Screws hot-dip galvanized steel


1. Hot dip galvanizing process
Mainly using flux method hot dip galvanizing process
The process of hot-dip galvanizing of single sheet of flux method is as follows:

2. Steel strip continuous hot-dip galvanizing production line
There are four main types: non-oxidizing furnace production line, US Steel Group, Wheeling production line, Selas production line.
3. Variety of galvanized steel sheets
The main varieties are; large zinc flower galvanized steel, small zinc galvanized steel, poor galvanized steel, single galvanized steel
4. Alloyed galvanized steel sheet
In the past ten years, due to the extensive use of galvanized steel sheets in the automotive industry and the home appliance industry, higher requirements have been placed on the performance of galvanized steel sheets, that is, in addition to having good corrosion resistance, good stamping should also be provided. Formability, weldability and paintability. Therefore, economically developed countries have carried out extensive research on the composition of steel substrates, the structure and properties of hot-dip galvanized layers, and have successively built some large-scale, more modern, high-speed and automated steel strip continuous hot-dip galvanizing production lines. At the same time, the original galvanizing unit was also modified to adapt to this demand.
It is well known that hot-dip galvanized steel sheets of generally killed steel and boiling steel can only satisfy the needs of general applications such as construction and containers. However, for the automotive industry and the home appliance industry, it is not possible to meet the deep drawability requirements of the board. To this end, IF steel (no gap atomic steel) was developed in the 1970s. It has excellent press formability. After hot-dip galvanizing and alloying treatment, it has better weldability, corrosion resistance and coating properties, and is suitable for panels for automobiles and home appliances. Among them, the most important influence on the performance of its use is its formability and weldability. It is also a key topic in the research of hot-dip galvanized steel sheets in the past decade.



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