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What are the main applications of Phillips pan head screws?


The Phillips pan head screw is mainly used for railway and highway bridges, boiler steel structures, industrial plants, high-rise civil buildings, tower structures, lifting appliances and steel structures where friction type high-strength bolt combination screws are required. , also known as the end of the bolt, a dodecahedron.

When installing the Phillips pan head screw, a special electric wrench must be used. There are two socket heads on the upper and lower sides, one on the hexagonal body of the nut and the other on the ten-corner body of the hexagonal screw. When tightening, apply a clockwise force to the nut and apply an equal counterclockwise force to the bolt's dodecahedron so that the end of the hexagonal screw and the dodecagon are connected to the neck to be twisted and sheared to the neck. So far, the installation is over.


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