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The performance of wood lag screws steel


1 Mechanical properties
Galvanized steel sheets need to be formed when they are used. Therefore, it is required to have a certain strength and also has good deep drawing properties. In-line annealing of the Sendzimir process line for ordinary low carbon steel sheets does not meet this requirement. However, for products that are generally mildly deep-drawn, it can be solved by reducing the running speed of the steel strip (ie, extending its residence time in the reduction furnace).
2 corrosion resistance
Galvanized steel sheets have good resistance to atmospheric corrosion. This is because the potential of zinc is lower than that of iron, and the zinc layer is positive for the steel matrix and iron is negative. In the electrolyte, the zinc layer is dissolved to protect the steel substrate from corrosion; in addition, the zinc layer is usually in the general atmospheric environment, and the corrosion product is usually zinc carbonate [ZnCO3·Zn(OH)2], which is on the zinc layer. Have a certain protective effect. However, in the sulfur-containing industrial atmosphere, the corrosion product is a zinc sulfate salt which is easily soluble in water, and is easily washed away by rainwater, and does not hinder further corrosion of the zinc layer. Therefore, in the industrial atmosphere, the zinc layer corrodes faster.
3 welding performance
Galvanized steel sheets have good weldability and can be spot welded and seam welded. When spot welding, the welding strength is close to that of low carbon steel. However, the welding current needs to be increased by 10% to 15%.


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