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How to remove Concrete Screws or bolts


For long-term unopened hydraulic cylinders, screws or bolts are often difficult to dismantle during repair due to rust-proof screw corrosion, thread scratches, and other causes. Before the demolition, first correct the thread with a triangular file, and then use a torch to heat (do not pay attention to the fact that it cannot be roasted and melted). Then pour kerosene and gently tap the cylinder head to loosen the threads. Generally, the screws can be removed. If it is a socket head cap screw, it must be removed with a new qualified Allen wrench. The old Allen wrench must not be used.

(1) The sealing performance and corrosion resistance of the screws should match the design life of the roof and wall panels. For example, roof or wall
The riveting screws shall be galvanized and shall be sealed with rubber gaskets. The service life shall match the design value.
(2) Sealant performance, volatility, flow performance, aging resistance, working temperature and design life of the sealant
(3) Seals and fasteners shall be accepted in time for storage and installation, and shall be properly installed during construction.



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