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Double Head Screw features


The characteristic of the anti-theft bolt is that the size of the key slot opened on the side of the bolt should have strict regulations. If the keyway is small, prevent the snail

If the keyway is opened, the effective area of the cross section of the bolt will be weakened too much and the bolt strength will be affected. When designing, it is necessary to increase the number of bolts to ensure a reliable connection. Another characteristic of the anti-theft bolt is that after the square key is wedged along the keyway, the partial internal thread of the nut will be damaged at first, and the rear key will outwardly bulge along the arc portion of the keyway, and the bolt hole wall on the connection angle steel will play tight against the retreat effect. .

The third characteristic of the anti-theft bolt is that when the nut is loosened in the opposite direction, the square key will roll due to the frictional force. In this case, the diagonal of the cross section of the square key will produce a sufficient anti-return moment as the arm, which can increase Anti-retreat effect.


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