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Six heads for maintenance of Concrete Nails


The so-called cylindrical head nail refers to a high-strength steel connection fasteners, and is also an important part of the machinery, so be sure to perform regular maintenance when using, so as to better protect the cylinder head The performance of the use of fasteners to keep the machine running. What should you watch out for when servicing cylindrical head stud fasteners? China Standard Parts Network made the following introduction.
First, the pollution that occurs when rinsing
Fasteners need to be cleaned with silicate cleaner after quenching, and then rinsed, so care must be taken during rinsing to avoid exhibiting residue.
Second, the accumulation of fasteners is not reasonable
The fasteners will show signs of discoloration after tempering. After soaking with ether, there will be oily residue, clarifying that the appearance of the fastener is not clean. The analysis showed that the accumulation of fasteners when heating is not reasonable, resulting in fasteners in the quenching oil showed a slight oxidation.
Third, appearance residue
The white residue on the high-strength screw was analyzed by the instrument and confirmed as a phosphide. This reverberation occurred because the acid cleaner was not cleaned and the rinsing tank was not completely visible.
Fourth, alkali burns
High-strength screws quench heat blackening with a uniform, flat oil black appearance. Caused by alkaline burn detected. Therefore, the steel fasteners cannot remove the alkaline substances in the quenching oil, so that the surface burns at a high temperature and exacerbates the damage during tempering. It is advisable to thoroughly clean and rinse the fasteners before heat treatment to completely remove the alkaline residues that cause the fasteners to burn.
V. Rinsing is not appropriate
About large standard fasteners are often quenched with aqueous polymer solutions, cleaned and rinsed with alkaline cleaners before quenching, and the fasteners have rusted on the inside after quenching. Therefore, it is necessary to exchange rinse water frequently to ensure that the fastener does not rust when rinsed.
6, excessive corrosion
High-strength fasteners often see some black streaks. This black streaks are contaminants of the appearance of residues, and are baked quenched oils that evolve during the quenching process. Because of the excessive aging of the quench oil, it is advisable to participate in the new oil.


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