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What is the difference between Concrete Screws and Hex Lag Screws?


The countersunk head screws into a 90-degree cone, the head has a tool tightening slot, there is a word slot, cross slot, hexagonal slot, plum slot and so on.
The difference between countersunk screws and flat head screws:
One: The contact surface is different, the contact surface of the flat head screw and the workpiece is a bit plane, and the countersunk head screw is a bit cone;
Secondly, due to the different forces, the flat head screws are subject to greater force, while the countersunk head screws are less stressed.
Third, different combinations, flat head screws can be used in combination with the flat washers, and countersunk head screws can only be used in combination with tapered washers;
Fourth, the use of different methods, flat head screws can be deep inside the hole, can also be exposed to the outside, and countersunk head screws are generally only inside the countersink hole.


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