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Lag Screw and threaded connections


Screw (including bolt) connections and screw connections are the most widely used detachable connections in precision mechanics and instruments.

The basic elements of combination screws and threaded connections are threads. The difference is in screw connection using connection parts (screws, screws The bolts, nuts, washers, etc.) connect the connected parts together, while the threaded connections are directly connected using the threads of the connected parts themselves.

Bolted connections are used where the connected parts are not too thick. Pass the bolt through the through holes of two or more connected parts and tighten the nuts to make the connection.

The screw connection is used for one of the connected parts is relatively thick, or due to structural reasons, inconvenient to install the nut, screw holes directly in the connected parts, screw the screw, constitute a connection. If the strength of the connected parts with screw holes is low (such as cast iron or light alloy, etc.), the screw holes may be damaged to avoid frequent disassembly. A stud bolt connection may be used.


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