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Features of Head Wood Screws


The main difference between thread parameters of self-tapping screws and machine screws is that the pitch is large, the thread height is high, and the shape of the end is conducive to screwing. While the ordinary machine screw is screwed into a low-strength material such as plastic, the thread breaks and does not apply.
Some new types of white-tapping screws have further improved in terms of profile angle, number of threads, and screw profile, making the self-tapping screws better adapted to the "self-tapping" characteristics of the threads and having better mechanical connection properties.
Compared with the use of metal inserts, the self-tapping screw connection saves metal inserts. This not only reduces the cost, but also simplifies the mold structure and greatly increases the production efficiency and cost during injection molding.
For applications where the connection strength is low and disassembly is limited, such as mobile phones, TVs, DVDs, and small household appliances, tapping screws
Connection is a suitable choice.
Self-tapping screw connections are detachable connections. Experiments have shown that the correct assembly and disassembly can be repeated dozens of times, still ensuring good connection strength. However, the best use of self-tapping screw connections is to remove or remove them. In the case of high-volume assembly, this is particularly important considering the inconsistency of assembly.
The self-tapping screw connection is not like the latter has an assembly gap (looseness phenomenon), compared with the glue (adhesive)
Like the latter, there is air pollution, and the latter is more expensive than ultrasonic welding.
For plastic connections requiring high strength, the strength provided by the self-tapping screw connection is not as good as that of the metal insert plus machine screws. Should not use self-tapping screws.
The self-tapping screw has a small pitch, which is for the purpose of using larger screws to avoid scrapping parts due to the sliding of one support.


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