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How to install the combination Lag Screw?


1, drilling
Use the standard drill bit listed in the table to drill with a depth greater than or equal to the depth of the assembly screw; be careful not to drill the hole into a cone and do not drop the chip. After drilling, the boring hole should not exceed 0.4 pitch depth, because the large boring hole is not conducive to screwing the combination screw.
2, tapping
Taps for taps marked with the specified thread size for tapping must be longer than the length of the tapped screw. Taps must be tapped for all tapped holes; the accuracy of the tapping determines the tolerance band of the tapped hole in the final standard. Appropriately select the tapping method and lubrication. The blind hole tapping should be properly applied to prevent the tap from breaking.
3, installation
In normal conditions, the hole is left with 0.25-0.75 turns of free thread from the surface. When installing a small number of combination screws and M14×2 or more coarse teeth combination screws, you can use “T” type slotted or threaded head simple tools to install, and be careful not to apply a large axial force on the combination screw mounting shank to prevent “ Indiscriminate deduction." After the assembly screws are installed, the accuracy level of the standard internal thread holes formed can be checked by the corresponding level plug gauges.
4, to handle
For combination screws with broken slots, the mounting shank should be removed after screwing in the screw hole. When the through hole is to be broken, the assembly screw mounting handle should be broken. Normally, use a punch to align the mounting handle. Use about 200g of a mallet to remove it. For M18×2.5 or more coarse screw combination screws and M14×1.25 or more Fine-tooth combination screws can be broken by bending the mounting handle up and down with needle-nose pliers, and then the broken mounting handle can be removed from the screw hole.


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