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5 Types of Concrete Screws Every DIYer Should Get to Know


Though they’re not much to look at, screws hold a place of honor in the construction, hobby, and furniture-making industries. From wall framing and cabinetmaking to everyday projects like building a wood bench, these lowly fasteners literally hold everything together—so it’s crucial that you choose and work with the right ones. The screw aisle at your local hardware store spans so long with seemingly endless options for this exact reason: Different projects require different types of screws.

The more time you spend building and repairing around the house, you’ll get to know the following five types of screws—and when to use them—rather well. In the meantime, read on for a primer to help distinguish one variety from another and simplify your next trip to the hardware store.

Bottom line: When shopping for a fastener for your project, keep in mind that you’ll need to coordinate the screw head design to the right bit. Fortunately, drill bit sets come with multiple bits, which fit virtually every standard screw head size and design configuration.

Before we talk about which types of screws are right for the specific projects on your to-do list, let’s talk about how most screws are inserted today. For best grip, the design on the screw head coordinates with a specific screwdriver or power drill‘s bit. Take Phillips screws, developed by the Phillips Screw Company, as an example: This popular fastener is easily recognizable by the “+” on its head and requires little more than a Philips head screwdriver to twist it into place.

But since the invention of this in the early 1930s, the number of options for screw heads has expanded to include recessed 6-point and 5-point stars, hex- and square-head designs, and a numerous combined designs, such as a cross between recessed square and Philips head that accepts multiple bits.


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